I’ve Lost My Lithium

the debut book by Aubrey Nicole

“I awoke sometime later that evening. Fully cognizant of the fact that I was draped in the underwear of some random grandmother, napping peacefully in a wallpapered virgin’s chamber deep in the heart of Texas.”

Lithium is a fast-paced voyeuristic look into the mind and heart of Olivia, a girl who rarely follows the rules and finds contentment in the chaos. From her first kiss, to her latest attempt at a career selling books door-to-door, follow along as she forges a new path without losing the plot.

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Book Review by LA Inspiration.

Loved it. A quick and well-written piece of fiction. Aubrey Nicole switches from witty to serious prose in the span of a page without having the reader blink an eye. The transitions are smooth and the syntax is excellent.

Damaris Ariel Hatch

I laughed my ass off!

Richard Roell

Our book club read this as a selection one month! I can only hope there's a sequel in the works. Oh please, Olivia, I know you're still out there making noise that needs to be written about...

Rachel Sipes

I woke up at 6am this morning and plowed through until I finished it a few minutes ago. I can't help but feel entirely inspired by her story.

Mike Allen

Very quick - funny - witty - incredible read. A great beach day book.

Jennifer Lahotski

A great read!!!!! Fast read, you can't put it down! Too funny, light hearted, don't miss out!

Lucia Bruno Lawrence

I am a dude and this stuff is genuinely entertaining and funny. I cannot believe that this chick had that many friggin' jobs! It might be a world record. As I was reading through the anecdotes, it became very clear to me that there are a lot of chicks out there who could/would totally relate.

Nicholas Miller

Loooooove it!

Shannon Lia

"Lithium" is a hilariously (embarrassingly) honest look inside the mind and shenanigans of a 20 something -- from random hookups, to falling in and out of love -- this was one of the funniest books I've read in a very long time and I found myself laughing out loud more times than I can count.

Sasha Jones

That was a great escape for me... really needed the laughs, the love, and the pure feeling. Couldn't put it down 'til I read the whole thing!

Sara Roell

Hilarious. Raucous. Unbelievable, unless you know the author. Then, even more fantastically entertaining. A must read!

Katja Miller

Sometimes funny, and sometimes painful, I cried both from laughing and from feeling overwhelming sad for Olivia


Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Excerpt from a 2010 interview with the author

“I was 25 when I started writing my stories, thoughts, and poems down. I was blogging and had a lot of people who seemed into my writing. My brother suggested taking down the blog and saving the writings to put together in a book — he thought it would make a good story. I wrote for 4 years.

At age 28 I really decided to make the book a reality and started editing and formatting on (what seemed like) a full-time basis. I spoke with a small publishing company in San Francisco, but in the end just decided to go it alone.

I started Avant Books in early 2009. There was a lot of research regarding laws and taxes and forming a business, but I just took the time and filled out the forms and got the ball rolling. All of my expenses were (and still are) out-of-pocket. It was a big expense but totally worth every penny because at the end of the day the book is totally me — down to every last comma.

It feels good to pick up the book and see “Avant Books” because I didn’t rely on anyone but myself to get it done. My family, especially my brother, mom and stepdad, really supported me the whole time and took a lot of their time and effort and money to make sure I reached my goal of having the book published before the end of the summer (2009). It was something I really wanted to do and they were there for me to make sure it happened.

i've lost my lithiumMy inspiration to write comes from two things really — first and foremost: I LOVE to make people laugh. It’s addicting really. I’ve always loved good storytelling and the reaction you can get when you do it right.
Watching and hearing the people I care about have a good laugh is amazing for me.

The second thing that drives me is the high I feel from putting together the perfect sentence. When my words seem to just click I get little flutters in my chest and I’m hooked. My earliest memories are of my mom reading me stories and she’s really the one who got me hooked on reading and instilled a love for books in me that has just never subsided.

Lithium is definitely inspired by my experiences but it’s my hope that a lot of people can relate to the things I talk about and get a kick out of some of the situations the character Olivia gets herself into.”

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble