Imagine being able to offer the healing effects of dance and moving meditation to the people in your life

Training to become a certified chakra dance facilitator has been an incredible opportunity and one of the biggest gifts in my life. If you feel called to the dance, I would be honored to share the practice. Tap below to learn more about sevenflow™ chakra dance and how you can join us for the next online teacher training session.

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Moksha Destiny is a point of connection for the caravansary — for those of us exploring this next level of human evolution at the same moment in time.

As our collective consciousness is reflected back to us in tangible and measurable ways through social media, it’s virtual and augmented realities that offer the opportunity for total immersion into other perspectives. These technologies, along with moving meditation practices like chakra dance help to expand awareness, increase empathy levels and provide a greater understanding of our undeniable connectedness.

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