Moksha is the experience of fulfilling your life’s purpose through self-realization

It’s a process of liberation—an unfolding that happens as we free ourselves from ordinary life through the pursuit of expanded awareness. It isn’t a destination or lofty spiritual goal… it’s more like dancing where you don’t move to try and reach some place, you just move because it feels so good.

This site started as a blog. A way for me to record and reflect on the steps in my own journey to greater self-understanding. But now it exists as a point of connection for the tribe—a place to check in. (It’s also the place to learn more about becoming a sevenflow® dance meditation teacher!)

It can be so easy to get swept up in life and lost in the moments, but authentic presence is a practice in balance—a softening into each moment while still maintaining focused awareness.

This is the secret to living a balanced and fully connected life. Well, it’s one of the secrets at least 😉


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