vibrational alignment

What is “Vibrational Alignment”?

By | chakras, consciousness, mindfulness, vibrational alignment

It’s becoming glaringly apparent that a large majority of adults are either lacking in, or working to develop, the skill set that allows for an understanding of, appreciation for, and the ability to operate within nuance. So what does this have to do with vibration or frequency? In this quick video, I explain the concept of vibrational alignment and how…

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Breathe Through Anger, Frustration & Agitation

By | consciousness, meditation, mindfulness, vibrational alignment

If you find yourself frequently becoming agitated, angry and reactive.. if you find yourself engaging in name calling or find an adrenaline boost surging through your body after engaging in a battle of words or unloading vitriol.. perhaps it’s the perfect time to consider two things: 1) For the sake of your physical health (especially that related…

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stand in shine

Stand in Shine

By | consciousness, mindfulness, shadow work

Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. — the most elevated, effective, change-ushering people on our plant have always taught about the principles of light & dark. Not “right” or “wrong” — simply the physics / mechanics of how Light operates. Darkness is the absence of light. And so it follows that if you walk up to…

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Integration is the Key

By | chakras, consciousness, mindfulness, shadow work

We’re unbelievably privileged… all of us. We have unprecedented access to ancient wisdom by way of this magic they call the internet… and beyond that, infinite opportunities for collaboration and connection. But it’s not enough to learn and consume. This is just the first step. So the question becomes: what information, what energy, do we choose to radiate?…

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moksha destiny

Third Eye + Sacral: Connecting the Energy

By | art, chakras, consciousness, journal pages, love & sex, mindfulness, shadow work

The third eye and sacral chakras are connected in this piece because they’re the two energy centers I’m working on the most in this lifetime. The sixth chakra relates to our ability to perceive clearly and trust our intuition even when it doesn’t always seem logical, and the energy spinning in our sacral chakra is tied to…

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