moksha destiny

Third Eye + Sacral: Connecting the Energy

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The third eye and sacral chakras are connected in this piece because they’re the two energy centers I’m working on the most in this lifetime. The sixth chakra relates to our ability to perceive clearly and trust our intuition even when it doesn’t always seem logical, and the energy spinning in our sacral chakra is tied to…

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the broad :01

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self-awareness empathy openness (a few of the values i hold highest) I snapped this photo on my first trip to The Broad in downtown Los Angeles. I love the vulnerability, femininity and starkness embodied by the sheer stocking.

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look how joyful it is, he said

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I spent five hours Friday night bouncing through a wild range of emotions. From love to hate, happiness to rage, and feelings of calm to explosive outbursts. The person I loved so dearly. The person I became so energetically connected with that I can still physically FEEL when he so much as even considers communicating with me….

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