Certified Chakradance® facilitator & creator of sevenflow®

I started this site as a simple blog where I could record and reflect back on the ways I was actively seeking wisdom for how to remain grounded through focused awareness, without losing the magic that comes with surrendering to incredible full-sensory living.

Over the years I’ve grown curious about energy work, meditation and the positive benefits that come along with being in vibrational alignment. Specifically, I enjoy studying, experiencing and expressing my physical senses through dance meditation, art, writing and chakra dance.

Aubrey Nicole

It’s also why I developed and lead sevenflow® dance meditation classes. sevenflow® is a practice of dancing meditation that incorporates guided meditation and modern music to help you stay connected to and aware of the energy flowing through your physical body in order to identify sensory inputs accurately and then apply that wisdom in productive ways.

If you’re looking for one-dimensional pep talks about how everything’s coming up roses all the time from the content on this site, you’ll be disappointed.

This is because I believe that expressing a full range of emotions and exploring shadow work is all part of keeping in balance.

I started this site with the intention to:

attract the teachers I need into my life
reflect on my journey into expanded awareness
 keep track of where I’ve been and how it felt to be there
 encourage others to become curious about conscious awareness
 help light the path for others

These days, I’m leading dancing meditation events, painting in 3D space with virtual reality using Tilt Brush, putting together ideas for a podcast, helping other people learn how to become dance meditation teachers, and writing a book.

Beyond all the doing, at the core of my being—openness, empathy, intimacy, humor and connection are the values I hold highest.

By sharing my experiences, I hope to connect with you in a meaningful way and help you open up to some new understanding about who you are and how you can relate to the world. I’m happy to share what I learn with anyone who is curious about it.

Drop me a line if you’d like to be in touch, follow along on Instagram, or leave your email below to stay in the know about upcoming events.

all the love