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What is “Vibrational Alignment”?

By October 11, 2017 No Comments

It’s becoming glaringly apparent that a large majority of adults are either lacking in, or working to develop, the skill set that allows for an understanding of, appreciation for, and the ability to operate within nuance.

So what does this have to do with vibration or frequency? In this quick video, I explain the concept of vibrational alignment and how it is directly correlated to the quality of your day-to-day experiences. (If you would prefer to read about this topic, scroll past the video.)

*sidebar: For those who are wondering… I’m wearing artist Mika Cali’s “Higher Purpose” sweatshirt.

Being able to move in a fluid way while still maintaining personal boundaries (so as not to conform to any structure, belief system or situation that does not align with what you intuitively feel to be of highest benefit to you) requires the ability to move in flow. And moving in flow is important if you want to be able to move successfully in a world which at its base foundation is defined by constant change.

The most basic building blocks of the nature through which we experience our reality are not blocks at all, but rather waves of energy — waves of energy that are in constant movement and vibrating at varying speeds which determine the density of matter we perceive in front of us both physically and non-physically (or, energetically.)

The objects and forms that appear in our lives as solid structure or “for sure’s” are actually not solid or “sure” by any stretch of the definition. For example, we only experience a dining table to be solid and unmoving due to the way that we as humans take in, experience and interpret data through our physical senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste).

If our physical senses were more sophisticated — or rather, if they were designed to do such things — we would perceive clearly that the dining table in front of us is actually a pocket of extremely dense energy moving at incredibly great speeds.

This is not to say that our physical senses are lacking, because they’re not. They simply were not designed to be our last and only layer of perception, nor were they designed to pick up on extremely nuanced energetic fields.

And this is where energetic awareness comes into play.

Above our most basic and foundational tools of perception (our physical senses) we have a layer of sensory abilities that were designed for and sophisticated in the detection of energy.

Just as most people cannot “see” energy, but rather experience it, these tools of energetic perception are not tools that can be “seen” or easily measured (yet.) This is due to the nuanced and sophisticated nature of these tools and this type of perception.

This understanding of reality is vital in the sense that if you are a person who holds onto hard beliefs and strict ideas of how things are, or if you rely on ideas based in an unmoving concept of structure to make core decisions in your life, you are essentially operating from the most basic, unsophisticated layer of your true capabilities. Essentially, you’re operating at a disadvantage compared to those people who choose to perceive and operate from a layer of sensing that incorporates both physical and energetic inputs.

Any behaviors, thought patterns or tendencies towards rigidity lie in direct opposition to documentable phenomenon and the core nature of the experience of reality in which we find ourselves here on Earth at this moment in time.

In light of this, being able to maintain vibrational alignment with the experiences and phenomenon (energy waves of varying density and quality) that you are most attracted to requires skills related to the development of a life that flows with ease.


Luckily, there is a wave of consciousness around these skills that is coming to the surface of humanity at this time. So there are a lot of resources, a bounty of teachers and unending opportunities for all of us to learn and grow together in these skills. We are living, essentially, in a time of rapid evolution as it relates to human consciousness.

(This rapidity is very closely tied to the laws of physics related to the expansion of all units of energy that comprise the Universe, as well as the hyper-connectedness and democratization of knowledge brought about with the advent of the Internet. Think about it… we have literally been gifted with the ability to transport our consciousness across the globe.)

In light of all of these advancements and expansions of energy, it is now more vital than ever that we are capable of communicating and operating in a state of flow. The ability to be flexible and to detect nuance is vital and is a capability that is underdeveloped at this juncture of human history. The knowing of how to do this — the practical steps for how to do this — are not well understood.

And while there is not a lack of motivational posters, platitudes or cutesy, inspirational one-liners on Instagram posts designed to appeal to the highest visual aesthetic… there is a lack of experiential knowing. To know this information is not enough. You must have an experience of it and be able to incorporate the concepts into daily life. This is why there needs to be a practice; a way to develop the inner knowing alongside the knowledge retained in your brain.

Practices such as sevenflow® were developed to address the challenge of how to integrate the laws of nature and energy with your day-to-day life and those core beliefs or intuitive wisdom that you hold dear.

It is my belief that the development of conscious awareness, as well as the commitment to raising your personal vibrational frequency to be in alignment with the vibration and frequency of those experiences that match your highest benefit, are absolutely essential to the creation of a successful, easeful, beneficial and happy existence while here on Earth.

When I speak about raising the frequency or raising the vibration, I am not referring to abstract concepts or fluffy, spiritual talk. It may at first sound abstract, but it is a very literal concept. As you develop the skills required to come into more sophisticated layers of conscious awareness, there is a literal rising up or increase that occurs in your personal energetic frequency. And the energy in your body begins to vibrate at a different rate of speed and quality. This leads to your having a drastically varied experience of the world you inhabit and move about in.

For those who are wondering… I’m wearing artist Mika Cali’s “Higher Purpose” sweatshirt.