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Breathe Through Anger, Frustration & Agitation

By October 6, 2017 No Comments

If you find yourself frequently becoming agitated, angry and reactive.. if you find yourself engaging in name calling or find an adrenaline boost surging through your body after engaging in a battle of words or unloading vitriol.. perhaps it’s the perfect time to consider two things:

1) For the sake of your physical health (especially that related to cardiovascular health) choosing to engage the world from a centered, responsive, diplomatic tone is of infinitely greater benefit than choosing to engage from a position that is polarized, reactive and defensive. Well-documented scientific and medical studies abound to support this fact.

2) Human consciousness is evolving rapidly away from a society based on polarities, and towards an increased understanding of and integration with an energetically aware driven unity consciousness.

In light of this, it appears to be in accordance with our greatest benefit to set down any tendency towards thoughts, speech and behavior that agitates or draws out hateful, divisive, or negatively charged vibrational reactions.

If you’re unsure how to begin on this path, here’s a clue: find 2-5 minutes today to close your eyes and breathe as deeply as you can into the depths of your lungs.

Imagine in your mind that with each breath you are setting down any dependency you have on attaching emotionally to those outside events/characters that feed your overwhelm, outrage, anger, etc.

Then, when the chaos begins to feel as though it is calming, begin to contemplate how you might begin traveling on a journey inward into the deepest depths of your own inner being.

Get very very curious. Stay eyes closed breathing in this manner. Try this once every day. Observe how things shift for you. Stay curious.

Thank you to Matt Kahn for inspiring this train of thought.