the great squeeze

It’s so obvious what’s happening in the world today. White men of a certain privilege have become aware of their minority status and are backed into a corner like trapped rats. They are experiencing the vibrational pressure of a world dominated by people who are not comprised of the physical traits with which they identify: female, non-binary, black, Chinese, Indian, Russian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and so on.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the smallest MINORITY group of all — White Men of Disproportionate Financial Privilege — are the largest disseminators of false, negative information pertaining to any person or idea who/that does not support their vibrationally non-sustainable attempts at power retention.

Essentially, we are in the midst of The Great Squeeze

A time marked by this minority’s attempts to make an enemy class of any group unwilling to adhere to the rules they’ve established to remain in disproportionate power.

So what can we — THE MAJORITY — do in the face of obvious scrambling to retain power?

It’s simple: We do NOT engage in their attempts to stir chaos.

  • We stand united in SHINE
  • We stand united as objects of REFLECTION
  • We remain steadfast in our knowledge of and belief in SCIENCE

And the science is this: Darkness is simply the absence of LIGHT

Do not fall victim to low vibrational speech, thought or mood.

Protect your subtle energetic field as if you’re life depends on it — because it does.

#TendToYourVibes and stay in vibrational alignment with Light, Love and your own Inner Knowing of Truth

If you would like information about how to do this in practical, day-to-day terms, please contact me directly. I am available for consult.

United in Light