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sevenflow™ is like an iPhone update for your body!

By August 3, 2017 No Comments

sevenflow™ is like an iPhone update for your body

sevenflow™ is a form of dancing meditation designed around your body’s seven main energy centers, or “chakras.” It’s an eyes closed, music-way-up experience designed to help you update your own internal operating system so that you can let go of the things that no longer serve you and vibe high.

Blame it on Steve Jobs, our Instagram obsession or living through our screens all day — whatever it is, our physical and energetic bodies have become atrophied and we’re losing our ability to experience high frequency connection.

We practice sevenflow™ to help update and improve our own internal operating system… It’s just like with your iPhone where you’ll get pop-ups and reminders sometimes that it’s time to update the iOS. Our energetic bodies work the same way. Sometimes you’ll experience physical pains, or have trouble in your relationships and it’s really just your body’s way of communicating that it’s time to make a change, or an update, to how things are going in your life.

And just like with your phone, when it’s time to do the update, we take the time to plug in and allow the operating system to repair itself and go through an update. With sevenflow™ the updates happen as we dance and meditate. We tune in and scan our bodies, which helps us hone in on our ability to stay consciously aware of our own programming.

In the practice, which is really just a moving meditation, we come across the bugs or glitches, or the areas of our life or way of being that just don’t work for us anymore, or the areas that maybe just need a bit of attending to or revising and we work with the energy in that area. We move the energy around and find the best ways to release what’s not working and tune into a higher vibration that does work for us — essentially, we re-write the code.

And we walk out of class as a new and improved version of ourself!