moksha destiny

The third eye and sacral chakras are connected in this piece because they’re the two energy centers I’m working on the most in this lifetime.

The sixth chakra relates to our ability to perceive clearly and trust our intuition even when it doesn’t always seem logical, and the energy spinning in our sacral chakra is tied to our emotions, as well as pleasure and sensuality.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on following my intuition and trusting in my ability to perceive truth even when it’s not apparent on the surface. It’s also been a time to re-evaluate my sexual and romantic connections in a way that trusts intuitive knowing, instead of second guessing my gut emotions.

I created this mixed media image by masking a piece from my craypas art journal over a photograph I took of a beautiful chakra inspired quilt hanging on the wall in the home of dear friends.

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