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Songs to Activate Each of Your Seven Chakras

By June 12, 2017 No Comments

It’s been a wild couple of weeks with a ton of astrological dust having been kicked up. For myself and a lot of people I know, this challenging energetic time came with big gifts. Mainly, the opportunity to practice finding our balance when we find ourselves in the midst of storm energy, while also setting the stage for us to discover our own sense of personal power.

Dancing and attending a couple of Kirtans was the perfect medicine for when I needed to get out of my head and let music work it’s way through the energy I was experiencing. If you’re feeling a bit of the energetic tug-of-war that’s going down right now, hit play below and dance and breathe through it with the chakra inspired playlist below.

Each of the seven songs correlate with one of the seven main energy centers in your body.

What I’ve been reminded of so clearly recently is that we alone are the source of EVERYTHING we feel. All emotion and relationship to sensation originates from within. All the LOVE, anger, confusion, joy, happiness, connectedness, loneliness — all of it, every last emotion — is sourced, mined and cultivated from our own internal stash. And that’s great news, because it means we are the only ones in a position of power to choose how we experience life.

Outside situations, other people, the relationships we maintain — they are simply opportunities for us to choose. Either, YES – I’d like to continue participating in this, or NO – I’d like to disengage from this. It’s all our choice.

Playlist starts with a song to get you moving into your root chakra and continues for seven songs total to move you through your entire energetic body. Enjoy 🙂