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Opening Up Into Love, Over and Over

By May 30, 2017 No Comments

aubrey chakra dance

Fear has been coming at me HARD the past week.. but I just keep choosing — moment after moment — to continue Opening up, over and over, into a feeling of LOVE.

Like petals stacked in a freshly blooming flower, opening one at a time, layer by layer, to reveal yet another layer of petals beneath.

I just keep trying to Love the fear, or maybe that’s not exactly it.. maybe it’s a trying to continue pulsing LOVE through the areas that feel the twangs of Pain.

It’s odd.. the dichotomy: to have pangs of pain mix together with a feeling of healing at the place just over Anahata (my heart chakra) and across my ribs. But I just keep breathing full and relaxed into my heart and down into my belly.

On repeat. Morning, through afternoon, into the evening and as I fall asleep in bed each night.

Can’t say that there’s a laser sharp clarity for what exactly is moving through and out of me, it’s just a general feeling of expanding.

Perhaps it’s just the first practice FEELS for choosing to RIDE THE MIDDLE for real — every day, and not just in meditation.

To stay in the space of non-grasping with TRUST that the Universe comes to me.

And to really do that, I gotta flow light, so maybe that’s this unrooting and digging up that I feel. The pangs that could be mistaken for ANXIETY if I hadn’t been practicing and refining a keen sense of observation and the ability to identify nuanced energies within my body with the chakra work and chakra dance.

Before actually choosing to feel this type of experience or make this kind of choice to stay with it, I would hear people talk about standing in their truth or choosing Love over fear, and while I grasped the concept logically, hearing people talk like that could feel cliche or trite.

But it’s not that way for me anymore because I feel it, and the more I stay with it, the more it starts to feel like the beginning rumblings of magic.

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