The Balance between DOING & BEING

moksha destinyGiving 100% effort VERSUS gracefully moving into a state of BEING in order to RECEIVE.

I’ve always struggled with finding a balance between giving and receiving. Society tells us that HUSTLERS realize their visions and dreams and that people who work relentlessly earn the PRIZE.

We’re also advised that it’s best to set an intention and then gracefully move out of the way so that a higher, more organized and efficient Force can work it’s magic on our behalf. So which is it?

In my life, I’ve been excellent at the GIVING part. I work hard and smart and set goals — chipping away at them relentlessly. However, until this last 12 months or so, I’ve never really practiced the RECEIVING part. I assumed that if I didn’t handle something or do it myself, that it wouldn’t get done.

Over the last year, while still nowhere even close to what I would describe as balance, I have been practicing letting go on certain things. Allowing DONE to be enough, rather than always needing for projects to be PERFECT. I’ve NOT pushed in certain areas where in the past I definitely would have. And in these moments, albeit small, I’ve discovered a sense of growing trust in both myself and an efficient Universe.

Each day, I’m working to practice the other side of the equation.. the RECEIVING part. Mostly because I’m tired 🙂 but also because, I’m a bit BORED.

I already know the things that I, alone, can achieve and accomplish. I’m old enough to understand my patterns, tendencies and preferences and what those typically yield.

So now I’m curious about this Higher Force and its INFINITE ABILITY. I’ve laid a foundation for my work and life that I feel proud of and happy with. So I’m ready to step back a bit, rest a little and see where the MOMENTUM I’ve built will take things without my applying additional pressure.

Where might I be used and plugged in to the MATRIX by Source Energy?

Where might this much-smarter-than-me Force have me go. What would it have me say & do while I practice giving myself over to a way of life that’s more BEING than DOING? (shout out #ACIM)

*captured this pretty white candle lit Buddha at Graffiti Coffee on La Brea in Los Angeles