Fifth Chakra Care for Thyroid Challenges

fifth chakra thyroid care

Ever have one of those weeks that really just stops you dead in your tracks? I’m experiencing this right now. I contracted a super fatiguing bug a few days back and have been unable to do much beyond sleep, drink fluids and bask in hot showers.

My energy levels had been waning for a few weeks before I started feeling the throat, lung and sinus symptoms that are happening now. And because I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism five years ago, I decided to visit my doctor for blood work, an exam and an ultrasound to check on how well my thyroid gland is functioning.

The energy of my fifth chakra has always presented areas of challenge for me, so when the doctor said everything turned up fine in the tests she ran, I decided to be grateful for that news, but still trust in my own intuition that something still felt “off.”

If you’ve ever been in a time in your life when you simply cannot seem to get enough sleep, or feel like you’re moving through intense brain fog, you know how debilitating it can be. For me, I lose a lot of motivation and find it nearly impossible to focus on work or remain in a state of concentration long enough to be productive at anything in day-to-day life.

Anyway, when I was in the throws of the worst of this sickness late this past weekend and the first days of the week, my body started craving juices and I had no appetite for solid foods.

I decided to listen to my body and took it as a clue that my sickness (or maybe just the intensity of what I was feeling) had less to do with the lung virus that is going around here in Los Angeles and more to do with my body trying to urge me into doing a reassessment of my diet.

Hypothyroidism & Diet

Beyond just popping the daily prescription that’s charged with keeping my thyroid levels balanced, I haven’t really changed anything else in my lifestyle to accommodate my thyroid glands inefficiencies, or sensitivities.

So when the urge for juice and an all out body cleansing hit me this week, I headed over to Juice Crafters in the Marina and stocked up on a few days worth of gut cleaning, pH balancing and nutrient rich liquids. Then last night, a friend popped by with wellness juice flight and vegan dinner from Cafe Gratitude.

I woke up this morning feeling WAY better and the heightened brain fog I’ve been experiencing for the past few months is noticeably reduced.

This progress in energy level and reduced fogginess (both symptoms of hypothyroid) got me very excited this morning. I felt so motivated that I decided to check in on the resources that my friend Fern Olivia posts on her Thyroid Yoga site. She’s the creator of Thyroid Yoga and an expert on taking care of your fifth chakra and the thyroid gland.

After reading through some of her recipes and tips, I went shopping at Erewhon Market in Venice and stocked up on some of Fern’s highest recommended pantry staples, including:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus
  • Golden Milk by Gaia Herbs
  • XCT oil from Bulletproof
  • Collagen
  • Coconut yogurt probiotic
  • Elissa’s Thyroid Juice

I’m taking this time of reset and rest to explore whether or not my diet can help to heal my thyroid, and in turn empower the energy of my throat chakra. I’m going in hopeful and with an open mind and can say that already, within just two days of intaking different types of food and nutrients that I’m already feeling a difference in the areas of my biggest complaints: fatigue and brain fog.

Thank you to Fern for offering up her knowledge in the space. And I’ll post updates as I continue along this altered food path to let you know how it goes!

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