Seventh Chakra: Sahasrana

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crown chakraCONSIDER: In quantum mechanics it is understood that even in fields demonstrating the lowest state of energy possible, that there still exists a measurable amount of energy. Even at ZERO POINT FIELDS — at so-called “nothingness” — there is still SOMETHING.

WHY IT MATTERS: This energy center, when open & flowing in health, allows us to experience a state of PURE AWARENESS and offers the opportunity for liberation from limiting beliefs & patterns. This is the level of consciousness associated with enlightenment.

IMBALANCE: Can appear as OBSESSIVE attachment to spiritual matters, being disconnected from your body & earthly matters and/or cynicism regarding connection to spirit.

SEVENTH CHAKRA: Our crown chakra is the gateway to our connection with joy & peace. It is not related to intellect, but rather to an EXPERIENCE of UNITY & INTERCONNECTEDNESS. It is the energy center related to timelessness and a meeting point between the FINITE & the INFINITE. Absolute presence & BEING within each moment provides the chance to exist in BLISS. When we stop believing & experiencing ourselves as SEPARATE, we’re able to experience CONNECTEDNESS and give into a state of TRUST that we exist within an INFINITE PATTERN that connects to form what many of us deem to be SOURCE.

PRACTICE: Close your eyes to IMAGINE a silvery violet light emanating from the crown of your head.. a cord that stretches out into the ends of the UNIVERSE. Breathe in & out, feeling a flow of energy moving up and down this VIOLET light stream, both GIVING & RECEIVING energy.

*If you’re interested in learning more, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, PhD is the book I refer to the most.