Fourth Chakra: Anahata

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heart chakra

CONSIDER: Your heart has been beating loyally since your very first days, deep in your mother’s WOMB. Your heart has never abandoned you. So how do you care for it? How do you treat the space your heart BEATS in for you every moment of EVERY DAY?

PRACTICE: Take a moment to try and feel the subtlety of the energy in your heart. Imagine the steadfast nature of this incredible organ, how it beats for YOU. Gently press your hand against your heart area and picture that you’re actually holding your heart, supporting it, giving it a tiny break from it’s work.

WHY IT MATTERS: Within the chakra system, the heart chakra relates to the element of AIR and its function is to LOVE. It aids in our ability to live in EQUILIBRIUM and BALANCE. It is designed to be our still, CENTER POINT.

CHALLENGE: Maintaining awareness of this area and staying open and SOFT here proves challenging for most of us. Feelings of rawness or vulnerability aren’t typically the most comfortable emotions to sit in, but when we don’t take time to connect to this SOFTNESS we lose out on the opportunity to heal ourselves. Our heart is the UNIFIER in our body and the center of HEALING, the place from which we can direct our own healing.

IMBALANCE: Can appear as asthma, high blood pressure and lung disease. It can also make it difficult to connect with others in a fulfilling way.

HEART CHAKRA: You can imagine your fourth energy center, the Anahata chakra, spinning in a natural green light. Radiating softness and love and stability through your chest in the color of a vibrant green blade of grass shimmering in the sun.

*If you’re interested in learning more, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, PhD is the book I refer to the most.