Third Chakra: Manipura

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solar plexus chakra
CONSIDER: Personal power, self will & discipline are the result of directed energy, and ENERGY is created thru the combination of MATTER & MOVEMENT. Where the 1st chakra is related to solid matter & our connection to Earth, the 2nd chakra is related to water and how we’re able to change & move & flow. The 3rd chakra relates to how these two lower chakras COMBINE to create HEAT & FIRE, which creates FUEL & ENERGY.

PRACTICE: Take a moment now to really breath deeply into your BELLY. Super deep, pushing your stomach OUT as you fill it completely with air. Feel the sides of your belly expand out with each breath. Let go of any gripping or holding tight. Now, push your arms out straight to either side of your body & start to move your arms up & down, raising them up to meet over your head & back down to touch the sides of your upper thighs. Build heat. Do this for 45 seconds

WHY IT MATTERS: Within the chakra system, the element FIRE ignites the light of CONSCIOUSNESS so that we are able to emerge from the unconscious state that exists in the lower chakras to move to the upper chakras that combine psyche & unconscious to create WILLED ACTION. As we ACTIVATE our POWER, we’re able to DIRECT our ENERGY towards HIGHER PURPOSE.

CHALLENGE: The attributes of POWER, WILL, VITALITY & SELF-DISCIPLINE are all based on SELF-ESTEEM, but if self-esteem is LOW our doubts and self-recrimination BLOCK the psychic MOMENTUM we need to get things done & we end up stagnant.

IMBALANCE: Can appear as a tight hard stomach, a pot belly, sunken diaphragm, digestive issues, ulcers & diabetes.

SOLAR PLEXUA CHAKRA: Our third chakra is located in the area between our STERNUM and BELLY BUTTON, over our adrenal glands, and it’s purpose is to OVERCOME INERTIA in order for us to have the power to TRANSFORM.

*If you’re interested in learning more, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, PhD is the book I refer to the most.