First Chakra: Muladhara

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root chakraCONSIDER: “Our language and cultural values reflect the superiority of the high at the expense of the low.”

EXAMPLE: We talk about wanting to be HIGHLY regarded, while holding certain things ABOVE others. We aim to stay HIGH and are obsessed with things looking UP.

PRACTICE: Take a moment to really FEEL your body. Don’t just *think* about the concept of your body. Actually try to FEEL the space under your left shoulder blade… or maybe the way your feet feel RIGHT NOW.. each toe wiggling on its own. Breathe in deeply, scanning your entire body and allow yourself to sink down. Let the frenetic energy in your brain melt down your neck, over your shoulders, across your heart, past your belly, into your hips and down through the muscles of your legs until it drips like super slow syrup out of the bottom of your feet into the ground below you.

CHALLENGE: In always focusing our attention UP, a large majority of us have become pretty ungrounded. We’ve lost connection with our roots, our physical body, our FOUNDATION.

CONSEQUENCE: When we live our lives mostly FORGETTING about our physical bodies that exist in a space much closer to the ground.. in a LOWER space, touching the GROUND, way DOWN LOW.. we start running up against issues.

IMBALANCE: Maybe you hit a wall of pain or wake up from a full night of rest still in utter exhaustion.

ROOT CHAKRA: Our first chakra is located at the base of our spine and it’s purpose lies in grounding. Offering us a sense of stability, security, belonging and calmness. Being grounded and giving attention to the LOWER aspects of our being is just as vital as knowing how to maintain a focus on the HIGH. It’s a basic requirement if we’re interested in maintaining our overall sense of health and connection.

*top quote from Anodea Judith’s Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System