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The Beginning of sevenflow™

By March 6, 2017 No Comments


After completing my training to become a certified Chakradance® facilitator, I decided to create my own form of moving meditation. Just as with yoga, where you can find many variations of the core practice (Bikram, Modo, Ashtanga, etc.), I realized that I relate and connect to aspects from many types of freeform dance practices — ecstatic dance, 5Rhythms, and Chakradance, to name a few.

In continued exploration of dance and moving meditation, I’ve found that I really enjoy sharing the power of being able to connect with and identify the energy in our bodies, which is why I created sevenflow  — a dancing meditation practice that focuses on feeling, identifying and working with the energy in your body as you dance your way through each of your seven chakras. As awareness becomes heightened within each energy center, you’re able to take in fuller breaths as you reconnect to your intuition, a deeper sense of empathy and a more sensual way of living.

I think what I’m most excited about with sevenflow™ is that I know it will always be a passion that continues to evolve. With each book, workshop, class and learning experience that I have the chance to participate in, I’ll be forming and shaping the practice, refining it as time goes on.

For now, I’m just super happy to have the opportunity to share the practice with anyone who is interested in learning more.

The first sevenflow teacher training kicks off in September and I would love to see your application come in from wherever you are in the world.