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By December 6, 2016 One Comment

brett lindstrom
ocean beach, san diego
pro cyclist

IG @SufferMechanismCycling
work lakecycling.com

Brett Lindstrom 1
How do you stay grounded in your physical body while still embracing technology? Where’s the balance for you?

“For one, I just turn it off (laughing.) I mean, honestly, I think the screen thing is big. You know? You have to disconnect from the screen. I still buy paper books. I’m that guy. And I still go and grab the Sunday newspaper and read the paper.

And my sanctuary is the bike, or going for a walk. And you know, in my neighborhood I can walk everywhere, and the other day I got up and thought, ‘I’m just gonna jump in my car and go mail something.’

Then I stopped and it was like, ‘Why am I gonna do that?’

You know what I mean?

I can just walk. And then it was just 20 minutes of nothing. Just walking. No screen. You know?

And then of course there’s cycling,” he says laughing. “And that’s like seven hours of no screen!”

Had the chance to catch up with Brett tonight over dinner and it’s always great connecting with and being around his laid-back style of easy wisdom. He’s a good friend and a balanced dude. You can follow his adventures cycling around the world @SufferMechanismCycling, or for the pro account check out @LakeCycling

Brett Lindstrom 2


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