TEDxLA 2016 — XPRIZE Announcement, Empathy, VR & AR

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Had the opportunity to attend TEDxLA on Saturday and left feeling incredibly hopeful for the future because

  1. Nearly every speaker on stage — regardless of industry or topic — discussed (or at least touched on) the need for an increased focus on growing empathy levels.
  2. There was a heavy focus on virtual reality (VR), as well as augmented reality (AR), and the opportunities for these technologies to expand global consciousness with full-sensory insight into entirely new points of view and perspectives.


It seems to me like social media has been our introduction into the next level of human evolution. It’s the first time our collective consciousness is being reflected back to us in a tangible, visible and measurable way.

And, now, as we move deeper into the digital age, the opportunities to manipulate (mature?) this consciousness, nurture empathy and generate genuine connection will only increase.

Peter Diamandis Announces Next XPRIZE Goal

And it was no big deal.. Just kidding! Diamandis and the XPRIZE org is looking for someone to successfully transport their consciousness across the globe via virtual reality / augmented reality.

Check out my Twitter feed for a blow-by-blow of the day’s top highlights with video highlights and photos of:

Google Brain Senior Fellow Jeff Dean talking AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning

– Stefano Baldassi discussing how computers will EXTEND, not REPLACE our cognitive abilities

– First female private astronaut, Anousheh Ansari, on the power of imagination and the incredible perspective of ‘oneness’ she experienced from space

– Pablos making plain the challenges that the tech industry has been focused on solving and where in Maslow’s hierarchy the future of the tech industry lies


– John Paul De Joria speaking to how the frequencies on the planet are rising, as well as the incredible power of meditation to sync our bodies and energies with these rising frequencies

– Louie Schwartzberg reminding us that making the invisible visible expands consciousness

– Peter Diamandis on the two consequences of this explosion in computing power: Abundance and Meta-Intelligence

– The guys from MacInnes Scott on the power of not being constrained by physical limits in the world of AR and VR and how we are all alchemists in the digital age… check out this Westworld-esque video they showed

– Musician Tara Kamangar playing music and spreading a message that “exercises that strengthen imagination work to grow empathy”

– Poppy Crum of Dolby Laboratories on empathy and how we can be more human when we accept more than one reality and acknowledge that we all have blind spots



And there were so many other speakers sharing incredible work.. To get the full run-down, check out the TEDxLA site.