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2016 Pearl xChange with Nicole Richie & Cameron Diaz

By November 6, 2016 No Comments

“We’re stronger together.”

That was the big takeaway message from this year’s Pearl xChange conference hosted by Nicole Richie and Ramey Warren. My friend and founder of Feminine Weapon Day, Christina Weber, invited me to join her for the day at The London in West Hollywood to hear from a powerhouse group of female leaders and entrepreneurs:

  • Aisha Bowe, aerospace engineer, founder & CEO, STEMBoard
  • Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler, founders, SoulCycle
  • Sophia Rossi, co-founder, HelloGiggles
  • Katherine Power, co-founder, WhoWhatWear
  • Amy Ziering, Academy Award-nominated and two-time Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer of The Hunting Ground  a must-see documentary bringing light to sexual assault on college campuses
  • Vicky Vlachonis, MSc Osteopath and pain expert
  • Cameron Diaz, author of The Body Book

One of the highlights of the day was hearing from former NASA team member, aerospace engineer, founder & CEO of STEMBoard, Aisha Bowe.

I loved hearing her say that she lives by Tony Robbins’ advice to “be a blessing to everyone you meet in the day.”

Aisha went on to explain her life path and how her whole story shifted when she made the conscious choice one day to throw out everything she thought she knew about herself. She tossed out all of the definitions that she’d assigned to who she was. And then she challenged all of us to do the same and to start over with our most wild ideas of who we could be.

Aisha’s accomplishments, fearlessness and attitude were beyond inspiring and I couldn’t help but glow a little brighter when I heard her say proudly, “I paid for my crown, and I’m gonna wear it.”


pearl xchangeCameron Diaz spoke about her work researching and writing a book and how she focused on her strengths (curiosity) and worked with a co-writer to help her on the parts she’s not great at (putting the words together perfectly.) She advocated making it one of our life’s missions (not a chore) to attempt to understand one another as women.

“Go into every experience as a student, and remember that we need one another. We’re better in numbers and we’re stronger together.”