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Dream Symbols, Coincidences and Clear Signs

By November 4, 2016 No Comments

Just a few weeks back, in the midst of a chakra dance fueled art session, I had a super vivid visual of myself standing on a raised stage in front of a crowd. It felt like ancient times and I was holding a conch shell to my right ear, listening to wisdom from far away and repeating what I’d heard to the crowds ahead of me.

In my peripheral vision the outline of a buffalo appeared.


The Buffalo and The Conch Shell

I took the time to look into the dream symbol meanings behind seeing a buffalo and was happy to find that seeing a buffalo can be considered a sign of strength, abundance, gratitude, and the sacred.

What I didn’t look into more was the conch shell. It didn’t occur to me. I just thought, “Well it was ancient times, that’s how people heard far away noises. They cupped their hands over their ears, or just held up a shell or other cone-shaped object to capture the sound better.”

img_3119Two weeks later my roommate and I took a last minute day trip up to the Santa Barbara wine country. On the way up to the Los Olivos wine region, we decided to stop at a beautiful oasis known as the Sacred Space.

I won’t spoil it for you by describing exactly what it is because half of the treasure of this place is arriving with an open mind.

But after thoroughly exploring the grounds and store, I had the urge to walk back through the space one more time.

On the last lap my eyes fell on two beautiful conch shells that had been meticulously carved with a type of swirling symbolic art.


I immediately remembered my art-fueled vision and picked up the larger of the two shells to admire the carvings. As I lifted the shell a piece of aged parchment paper became visible. It read,

“Conch shells are an auspicious symbol and spiritual tool. Right-coiled shells are extremely rare and believed to echo the melodious sound of the Dharma teachings and the motion of the sun, moon, planets and stars across the heavens.”


I felt a little shiver and supreme confidence in that moment. It was similar to the feeling feeling that came over me the week I came into close encounter with a man named Surrender and a woman named Patience. The week that my life couldn’t have felt more broken. The week that I needed stability and structure more than anything else.

And these two people arrived, back-to-back, as a kind apartment manager who leased me a peaceful home last minute, and a therapist with just the right words to help me re-find my way.

Coincidences as Clear Signs

Deepak Chopra writes that coincidences are not accidents, but rather clear signals from the universe that can help to guide us if we’re able to notice them and take time to consider their meaning in our lives.

When you have an “appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.”

So remain sensitive and take note of the coincidences in your life. Especially the “ones that seem far out there. Pay special attention to anything that breaks the probability amplitude–the statistical likelihood of a space-time event.”

I get into more detail about the theories Chopra lays out in his “harnessing the infinite power of coincidence” book in this post from awhile back. If you’re into science and physics, you’ll be very interested in his thoughts on the three levels of existence: physical, quantum and nonlocal.

It’s late now and I need to close my eyes.. you should too 🙂 all our dreams are waiting for us