I started practicing intuitive dance when my friend Stacy Guglielmi invited me to one of her chakra dance classes at Santa Monica Yoga.

That first time, meditating by candlelight and then moving through the dark to an incredible playlist, opened up a part of my body and awareness that felt ecstatic.

It was crazy… the high I felt while moving in that yoga studio was incredible. It triggered amazing memories of being out in Deep Playa at Burning Man, but even more than that, it felt like I had been brought in on some amazing secret—a secret that I used to know but was only now remembering.

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As a little girl and teenager I loved to dance and dreamt of being a pop star—first like Debbie Gibson and then Britney Spears—but it wasn’t the singing that fascinated me.

It was the dancing

The creative choreography and ceremony that came with performing dance in front of a crowd. I felt so much emotion watching them express through dance.

So even though intuitive dance is a freeform style of dance that isn’t choreographed, the sense of ceremony is still really there for me in the practice. And the incorporation of meditative elements into the dance works to multiply the effects of the specially curated music used in chakra dance.

In chakra dance, the playlists are designed to arouse and activate the energy in each of the seven chakras. As you dance through the energy of each chakra, you begin to cultivate an awareness of the nuances in your body’s energetic field—providing you with the tools to better understand the  signals coming in from your physical senses all the time.

The result? You open up to a whole new full-sensory way of living.

Hope to see you soon at one of our chakra dance events either here in LA or on the road around the world.

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