5 Bohemian Tribal Dreamcatchers for the Goddess Set

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I love everything about dreamcatchers, especially the mythology tied to their delicate elegance. It’s believed that these “dream snares” originated with the Ojibwe (aka Chippewa) indigenous people of North America.

The story goes that Spider Grandmother originated from the night sky to weave the web of life, and as creator she took care of all of her people. But as the tribes began to spread out across the land in what is now Canada and the United States, it became too difficult for her to reach everyone all of the time. So dreamcatchers were made and hung to protect people from bad dreams in the chance of her absence.

For me, the artistry of these pieces is a perfect reflection of the grace and wonder embodied by our American Indian ancestors.

I recently bought a beautiful, bohemian, quartz crystal dreamcatcher from Owl Road Studio and hung it above the pillows where I lay down to sleep each night. It has brought an entirely new energy into the room.. a softening and maybe even a feeling of trust that I hadn’t detected before.

moksha destiny dreamcatcher

Here are four more bohemian tribal dreamcatchers for the goddess set…

I love the unique African inspiration in this woodland woven tapestry by HandmadeByFofo


This gypsy bohemian dreamcatcher (another design from HandmadeByFofo) reminds me of a string of Tibetan prayer flags


and finally.. I’m obsessed with these two stunning pieces by Electric Love



What are your favorite American Indian lores and legends? Comments open below…