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week 7: crown chakra

By September 27, 2016 No Comments

feelin it

Flickering and faded. For me, that’s how I would describe the energy associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the entry point of spiritual energy for the physical body, located in the space just above the crown of the skull.

Throughout the dance this week I had difficulty with a wandering mind and found myself returning to sad moments from my last romantic relationship. The pain of sudden abandonment and cold disconnection kept washing through me. I noticed that I was moving my arms and shoulders quite a bit, trying to move through the energy that was growing heavy in my chest.

Chakra dance is a form of moving meditation–a way to connect to the spiritual realm while simultaneously finding a grounding in our physical bodies.

Now our brains, central nervous system and pituitary gland are nourished by the energy of the crown chakra. So to connect with the energy of our souls, we dance to high frequency music of a more spiritual nature while envisioning a connection to higher Source Wisdom through a beam of violet, golden or white light that enters our body through the top of the head.

This dance did not come easily to me and was a good reminder that I’m in need of more established daily rituals and routines done for the purpose of connecting to spirit.

Healthy energetic movement through our crown chakra is directly related to our ability to stay connected with intuition and Source inspiration.

I completed a craypas piece directly after dancing in this chakra for the better part of an hour. I love the colorful, bright tones and while it may appear chaotic at first glance, I also detect a sense of order just under the rough top plane.

This leads me to a confidence that my difficulty tapping into this dance won’t be long-lived and that with a bit of commitment to daily spiritually-driven rituals and routines, that I’ll be able to uncover patterns that are already beginning to emerge for me.

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PS — If you have any ancient, high frequency spiritual music that you could recommend for the crown chakra, I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me here on the site, or share your recommendations on Facebook. Thank you!

all the love