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week 6: third eye chakra

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The dance for the third eye chakra placed me on a small, ancient stage, holding a large conch shell to one ear, and then another. Listening for the signs and messages and then expressing and sharing what I’d heard to the crowd standing before me and overflowing into the area to the right off the stage. The abstract outline of a buffalo appeared for a moment.

download-1Throughout the dance I felt a strong masculine, leading quality and felt relieved halfway through the dance to turn around and discover a large strong man behind me. Protecting me. Embracing my energy in respect and offering a place for me to relax. It was at this moment that I realized what I was feeling wasn’t masculine energy, but rather the strong leading quality of my feminine nature.

This chakra is the energy center for wisdom — having a healthy intellect that is balanced with strong intuitive abilities.

third eye chakra moksha destinyTo tap into this energy center we dance to trance-like music and do our best to hold only one image or memory or symbol in our mind’s eye as we dance. For the majority of the dance, I kept the image of me standing before a crowd, in a cape made of feathered wings, sharing knowledge. It came easily to me.

My third eye chakra and sense of intuition has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life. Not that I haven’t been able to feel my intuition, but rather that I ignore the physical signals my body produces in favor of moving forward with the “logic” that comes from what “I know.”

This habit of discounting my own internal guidance system started with the disconnect I experienced between what my father would say and what I would feel emanating from his person.

As a child, for survival reasons and to assuage psychological distress, it was more effective to cover the “off” feelings I experienced with stories and justifications about why I was experiencing them in the first place.

This discounting of what I truly knew, on a cellular level, was a bad habit that has continued into adulthood and one that I’ve only recently, in the last two years or so, come to see clearly for what it was… an unnecessary legacy behavior from childhood that has prevented me from moving away from negative situations.

In addition, it created a hyper-awareness for danger. One that has resulted in my being overly aware of potential danger, to the point that I inadvertently draw the danger to me by having it be my sole focus. You find what you look for after all, right?

Third eye chakra

So this has also been a time of acknowledging that an overactive protective mechanism on my part has distorted and constricted my sense of what is actually available to me energetically. With all the focus on preventing danger and/or justifying away abnormal behavior, I haven’t had the opportunity yet to calm my awareness system enough to notice a lot of the good energy and situations that are around me all of the time.

Moving out of an over intellectualized state into one where I fully trust my own intuitive nature has not been easy or felt natural. It feels, often, like leaning out over the edge of the rooftop of a building and being told I can fly. It takes awhile for our bodies to un-choose a choice we’ve made in pattern over and over for our entire lives. But it can be done (see this in-depth article from Stanford University on neuroplasticity) and I’m pushing up against the old patterns and challenging myself to trust my physical senses every single day.

A clear third eye chakra is directly related to our ability to perceive and to command.

And this is huge. Because in order to visualize what we desire, we must have the ability to receive the messages that come through our dreams. As well as be able to recall memories and tap into our shared archetypal energies.

third eye chakra moksha destinyThis is the craypas art that emerged directly after I danced… I drew it in a very dark room which prevented me knowing which colors I was choosing to draw with. I can see the profile of a loud shouting harsh energy, in a shadow to the right of the Queen’s image.

She stands, eyes closed, with her heart expanded in acceptance, projecting out.. “I AM”.

She radiates raw emotions and her energy communicates the power of her message on her behalf, without words.

The uncontained, wild energy reminds me of a totem of some sort. Animals stacked upon one another, but in this instance, their mouths stacked in emphasis, shouting over one another, trying to be heard.

When we don’t attend to our third eye chakra we can miss, or fail to pick up meaningful signs, symbols and synchronicities which are meant to guide and help us through life.

Energy flows where the attention goes.. It’s just science. So working through any issues in your third eye chakra is a great way to help maintain clarity and focus on the visions you have for your life while staying open to the magic.

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PS — Do you have any hypnotic, high frequency music you can recommend for this part of the chakra dance? Music that inspires repetitive, trance like movements? You can find Moksha Destiny and share on Facebook. I’d appreciate any tips! Thank you.

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