This week we focused on dancing through the energy of our throat chakras. For me, the dance felt very calming and there were times when I noticed that I was checked out. Coming back into awareness of the area of my throat was a constant activity. My mind or body didn’t stay in this place naturally. The humming aspect of this week’s dance was really effective in calming my throat and body. Making a noise while dancing added a layer that felt healing for my physical body.

download6Not surprisingly, the throat chakra can often feel less tangible than the four lower chakras (hence my struggle to stay present in the chakra during the dance.)

The dance starts with gentle movements of the neck and involves chanting the mantra “ham.” This dance is known as the Dance of Expression and is inspired by the rituals of Tibetan monks.

My throat chakra and sense of speaking my truth has been pushed to some pretty far boundaries these past couple of weeks. I’ve had to set clear boundaries with four different friends, some of whom I have decided to cut out of my life for good.

It’s been a time of acknowledging that in the past I haven’t always spoken my truth or vocalized my needs. This has, unfortunately, led to my being in situations where others take advantage of my generosity or choose to use me as a scapegoat to help pad the fallout from their own moral shortcomings.

Needless to say, this has been a difficult lesson to learn, but one that I’m happy to finally start having clarity around.

Fear of rejection, abandonment by some of the people closest to me, along with societal pressures to allow certain behaviors or treatment by others had led to a deadening or under-development in the area of Self that speaks my needs.

There’s definitely a very fine balance in this energy center of self-expression if you’re wanting to communicate effectively with kindness and honesty. It’s often easier to slip into the role of “silent child” or fall into patterns of combative and aggressive speech, than it is to take the time to ensure that you’re communicating authentically and for reasons that contribute to the success of all involved.

One of the finer nuances that may not seem apparent at first in the throat chakra is how tightly this energy is tied with listening. A healthy throat chakra allows us to perceive more subtle forms of communication and opens the gateway to telepathic and clairaudient abilities.

throat chakra moksha destiny

When our throat chakra is out of balance or not tended to, we can exhibit the traits of excessive speech and incessant chatter, or on the other end of the spectrum chronic shyness and feelings of inadequacy.

Authentic communication is the name of the game with this energy center. A good check-in for whenever we choose to communicate is to ask ourselves before we speak:

1) Is this true?
2) Is it kind?
3) Is it necessary?
4) Is it the right time?

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