My body felt super heavy during this week’s dance through the energy of the heart chakra. I found myself barely moving through the hour plus meditative dance experience. I focused on two things: trying to become aware of the area just behind my heart, and breathing into the areas just to the right and left of my heart.

The heart chakra dance is related to love, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. We move with gentle, peaceful, uplifting music that has expansive qualities and can be found in the ancient music of Spain, China and Egypt. The dance starts with slow, deep, long breaths and transitions into open, light movements where the arms feel free and the heart expands.

chakra dance moksha destinyThis week I’ve felt frustrated and tired of the effort it’s required to stay positive lately. Practicing gratitude and reading usually help me to relieve these types of feelings, but not this week. The exercise of staying present in my heart chakra for this week’s dance made it pretty clear that I’m experiencing a lot of heaviness around the idea of love and relationship.

Disappointments, past hurts and a cumulation of experiences in which people weren’t totally honest with me have left me carrying a weight in my heart. In order to let this weight go, I’m going to need to continue moving through this old, stale energy to come into a place that feels light and open and free in my heart area.

Before I started studying chakra dance, I took weekly classes where we would dance through all seven chakras in 90 minutes. It was a majorly therapeutic practice and one I always looked forward to.

But taking the time to dig deeper into each individual chakra — versus dancing through the energy of only one chakra in an hour — is a much more intense experience.

This is why this chakra dance facilitator course is taking longer than I anticipated, because sometimes I just don’t have the mental or emotional energy to move through an entire lesson plus the full hour of dancing. It’s definitely a challenging course, but it feels like it’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

If you’re interested in attending a chakra dance event, sign up here…

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