Maybe.. instead of scrolling Facebook endlessly for hours and contributing to the steady stream of brain dead, uninformed drivel that passes for entertainment and informed commentary — maybe instead you could choose to devote that time to getting curious and coming to your own conclusions about things.

Maybe try reading a book or becoming educated on the topics you so dearly love preaching about. Maybe instead of consuming and clinging to others’ perceptions about the things happening in the world around you, maybe instead of spreading and sharing and adding to the avalanche of negativity and problems — and piling on top of the shit stack with your own negative running commentary of the shit stack — maybe instead you put down your phone, take a look around the room you’re in, and make the choice to devote that time to getting curious about those things that interest you.

Maybe you pick up a book — an actual book — and commit to learning more about the topics that excite you to such heights on Facebook. Maybe you find a book written by a person who actually took the time to study what you’re interested in and then just pick up the book and READ. Allow your mind to take in the information and begin to form your own ideas about things. Start asking your own questions.

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Get curious about your own thoughts and about how things are happening, or how you’re perceiving that they are happening in the world around you. Get curious about your own brain, your emotions and the filter through which you run all the ideas and information that is pumped into your psyche everyday.

Maybe get curious about the group consciousness — the collective consciousness, the group mentality — of the communities in which you spend your time and are a part of either online or in the real world. Get curious about that.

Begin to understand how your brain, your emotions and your physical body actually works. Then maybe get curious about and evaluate how you fit into the world around you. Get curious so that you can become educated and informed about how your perception of things is affecting the way you feel and react and contribute to the world.

Get curious and if you don’t know what book to read, try one of the titles listed below. They approach the concept of consciousness from a wide range of angles and I personally guarantee they will incite at least a sliver of curiosity into even the most Facebook-plaqued brain. It’s so easy. So many people have already done the work on our behalf. They’ve studied for us and it’s simply a matter of educating yourself and continuing to learn and be open to the reality that we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do.

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There are so many things we don’t know.
And so many very important teachers in the world who are available to help us learn and provide ideas around how we might correct our behaviors to realize more advantageous results. The answers to the challenges we face are usually astoundingly obvious and yet all a large majority of us seems to want to do is continue running around squawking into the vacuum of social media about “problem this and problem that!”

So maybe instead of moving about the world, acting and speaking as if you are the highest source of intelligent data on “how it is” and “what should be,” maybe instead you choose to get curious about all the things you don’t know. Maybe you let slip, just for a moment, your notion that you “know this for sure” and allow your mind to quiet long enough to get curious about where your confidence in these matters arises from.

Maybe you haven’t studied or really read that much since leaving school and maybe you have! Whatever the case, perhaps it’s time to re-consider our self-appointed positions as all-knowing spokespeople and distributors of “information” on highly complex and subjective matters.

Maybe it’s time to retire this position and instead get curious — truly curious — about the situations and topics that you love to talk about so much. Get curious about all the things you don’t know about that topic. That way, when you speak, you will truly be speaking from a position of authority. This of course is just a suggestion.

Everything I’m saying here falls into two categories. It’s either an observation or a suggestion. So if you’re taking offense to what I’m saying, or feeling judged — listen to that. See how it feels in your body. Get curious about exactly what these observations and suggestions are stirring up inside you because I certainly haven’t written this with the intention of judging anyone. I’m merely making verbal my observations and providing suggestions for those who recognize themselves in the observations and would like to not recognize themselves in this type of observation again.

And if you still don’t like what I’m saying, then simply stop reading. That’s the best part of life — it’s all your choice.

moksha destiny

And if you are reading this and thinking that maybe you’re one of the people contributing to the drivel and you’re thinking you’d like to not be that person anymore, well then.. Maybe you can start by just taking an hour out of your regularly allotted phone-screen-stare time and volunteer to spend time with a senior, or read a book, or go stretch your body, or learn to meditate, or talk to your kids, or do the laundry, or draw, or paint, or sing, or masturbate or just nearly anything else… because nearly anything else would be more productive than expending another hour of your precious time on this Earth screaming opinions into the nothingness of Facebook, right?

Maybe just today you take a break —  you choose not to participate — and you re-direct that previously invested energy into becoming more aware of your own experience of consciousness. Re-direct that energy into creating something of value: a new way of thinking or moving about in the world. A new way of thinking about old problems. Or maybe the creation of art or any other thing that inspires the people around you in your community to do the same and get curious about their own consciousness and place in this world.

Get curious. Study. Ready. Internalize information and allow yourself to become a beacon of education and an example in the communities you are a part of. It’s extremely simple. So come on.. who’s with me?

Can we all just agree to drop our hard and fast “what we knows” and choose to re-direct that energy into becoming curious about the illusory nature of our collective consciousness?

Here’s that list of books I was talking about…
The Untethered Soul — Michael Singer
Conversations with God (3-book series) — Neale Donald Walsch
The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight — Thom Hartmann
Conscious Evolution — Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Human Age — Diane Ackerman
Book of Hours: Love Poems to God (translated by Barrows & Macy) — Rainer Maria Rilke

The Artist’s Way — Julia Cameron
Meditation: An In-Depth Guide — Ian Gawler & Paul Bedson
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism — Chogyam Trungpa
My Life on the Road — Gloria Steinem

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PS openness, empathy, intimacy, humor and connection are a few of the values I hold highest. And so by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I hope to connect with you in a meaningful way.

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