Chakra Breathing & Pressing Rocks

By April 15, 2016 No Comments

pressing rocksFinding ways to reconnect with our physical senses when we live in such a THINKING world, stuck behind screens all day is a big challenge. And it’s a big reason why I got into studying energy and chakras because I was feeling really disconnected from my physical body, or I wasn’t able to identify certain emotions I was feeling. Then I ended up misidentifying them and wasn’t able to pay attention to my intuition.

So I’d wind up mislabeling certain feelings (like confusing anxiety for excitement, or the reverse) and then would react or respond in a way that didn’t really serve me.

I knew that I needed to find ways to tap back into my energetic body in order to figure out what was really going on.

If I had to guess, I’d say that a lot of people are having this issue because we all spend so much time staring at 2D screens, experiencing our world through these devices most of the time. Whether it’s our phone or computer, it’s pretty non-stop at this point, for a lot of people.

And I believe that these habits, this new way of life is absolutely atrophying our energetic fields and the sensual reception points in our bodies, which affects our ability to lead really sensual lives.

Now when I say “sensual” there is of course an element of seductiveness or sexuality there, but what I’m referring to overall are your five physical sense (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) as well as your sixth sense, or intuition.

So what I wanted to share was just a few ways that I’ve tried that help with finding balance in hopes that they might be able to help you too.

Pressing Rocks

This one is pretty simple.. You go outside wherever you are. Whether it’s outside your apartment on a small side lawn, in your back yard, on the beach, in a park, wherever you can find a bit of nature and have the opportunity to find a rock or two. And you simply spend some time and find a rock that maybe feels a bit more energetically vibrant to you. One that feels good in your hand.

And then you take the rock and press it up against your chest, maybe over the area where your heart is and just keep it pressed against your skin for a moment. For me it feels really calming and I can often feel a bit of stress and anxiety dissolve in the area where I make contact.

Then you can take the rock and flip it over and press it against your throat and feel any stress in this area dissipating too. It’s nice to flip the rock as you go so that you keep getting that cooling effect allow the rock to release whatever energy or heat it just absorbed from your body.

And then you can end this little exercise by pressing the rock in the space between your eyebrows. Just letting it rest there and really relax the muscles there around your eyes and brow bone.

If anything, this is just a super easy way to check back in with your body and take a break to remember your sense of touch.

Chakra Breathing

The first step in this exercise is to locate where in your body your chakras are located. Then, you mindfully begin breathing through each energy center in a fluid loop, moving the oxygen up and down your body.

If you’re unfamiliar with chakras (or new to them), here’s the breakdown:

  1. Root chakra is at the base of your spine
  2. Sacral chakra resides near your pelvic basin
  3. Solar Plexus chakra is above your belly button and below your sternum
  4. Heart chakra is in the center of your chest at the heart center
  5. Throat chakra is in your neck and upper shoulder area
  6. Third Eye chakra is located in the spot on your forehead between your eyebrows
  7. Crown chakra floats above the crown of your head

For me, just taking a minute or two to close my eyes and breathe through these seven points is enough to really relax my body and mind enough to feel into my energetic body and get re-tapped into my senses, and hence, the sensuality available to me in my life.