I just felt a too-strong-to-ignore intuitive push to stop typing on my keyboard here at work, remove my earbuds, and take to my knees on the floor in front of my chair to take a moment to say “thank you.”

Thank you to the Universe. Thank you to God. Thank you to Goddess Energy. And Health.

This is the second time in the past month where I’ve been moved to get up from the position I’m in and settle in on my knees on the ground to reflect in Gratitude.

The first time it happened, I was lying in bed attempting to fall asleep. I was driven, without more than a moment’s thought, to kick off the covers and kneel down next to my bed before bowing over completely to place my forehead on the ground and say the words thank you aloud with my head and face pressed against the ground.

Even now, after returning here to my seat at work, I feel the urge to return to my place on the floor and bow down again in thanks.

In typing this post I can logically appreciate how a reader could feel that these words are “forced” or that this urge is “made up in my head.” And I can only respond to that logic with the opposite of logic–feeling.

I’ve never had this type of urge before–to stop what I’m doing and move myself into a traditional prayer pose and express gratitude to a Higher Force–but it’s here now.

I don’t have a clear answer as to why these urges (two occurrences thus far) have come to me so strongly in this past month, but I have a feeling that it’s tied to my growing practice of expressing gratitude through written and spoken word, thoughts, and creative rituals.

Both times this has happened I feel a strong sensation in my chest and eyes that I may begin to weep in joy. I also feel humbled as if in the presence of the Spirit and Energy for which I am feeling so called to express Gratitude to (or maybe a better word here is “with”).

With because while I do feel a sense of reverence while being called and when settling into position on my knees, it also feels as though I’m part of the calling itself. A co-creation of sorts. Urged into position by Higher Force and offered the chance to create and grow a powerful energy together, in union.

If you ever get a sense, hear a whisper, feel a nudge or become filled with desire to move into a position of humbleness and express Gratitude, I encourage you to follow that urge. Don’t concern yourself with whether or not this urge came to you by the power of suggestion, or if you’re making it all up in your head. Just go with it.

If you feel nothing, that’s fine. You tried it and you took a chance on listening to your inner guidance.

If you feel something. That’s fine too. And you’ll probably feel more inclined to answer the urge to move into a State of Gratitude the next time it comes urging.

In the office. On your couch. Falling asleep in bed. In the middle of dinner. On a walk in the park. Next to your car in the parking lot. In your dreams. Right now…

All the love,