In this second week of the chakra dance course we focused on the sacral chakra (located about one inch below the navel). This area is related to self nurturing and intimacy and connection with others.

The music and dance related to the sacral chakra is connected with our sense of emotions and sexuality.

download2So to call up the energy in this part of our bodies we listen to more sensual styles of music that draw out slow and fluid movements in the hips, lower belly and pelvis.

This week I felt uncomfortable in my solar plexus and it really affected my ability to get to a deep connected level in my sacral chakra. My stomach feels dense, blocked and a bit tangled.

This week is helping me uncover the fact that I really need to focus on breaking up the dense, heavy energy in my solar plexus before I can match the vibrant flow I’m feeling all around the surface of me externally, with a deep supportive creative internal flow from my sacral point.

So excited to continue learning and reading about chakra healing and meditative dance styles so that I can share it with all of you.

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PS — Building the playlist for my first chakra dance event and I’d love to get your suggestions for music to correlate with this chakra. What are your favorite sensual or sexy songs? Feel free to share on Facebook. Thanks!

all the love