Finished up my first week of chakra dance course work and had some very strong masculine energies coming through via the dance and follow-up mandala art.

The music and dance associated with the base or root chakra is connected to our sense of belonging and survival. So to call up the energy in this part of our bodies we listen to more tribal style music that originates from cultures in Africa, Australia and North America.

It feels incredibly grounding to close my eyes and fall into deep bass rhythms and drum heavy sound. It’s like my body is just craving this connection to some sensual, dark tribal dance.

This week helped me uncover the fact that I’ve been sitting on some hidden-from-view stores of untapped power and that I am beyond ready to keep this area of my energetic body open and flowing.

So excited to continue learning and reading about chakra healing and meditative dance styles so that I can share it with all of you.

Interested in attending a chakra dance event in the future, or want to know when I schedule Blab events online?

PS — Building the playlist for my first chakra dance event and I’d love to get your suggestions for music to correlate with this chakra. What are your favorite tribal or deep bass tracks? Feel free to share on Facebook. Thanks!

all the love