stacy keck
mission hills, san diego
visual artist

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How do you balance staying vulnerable in the real world with how we’re living more and more behind 2D screens?

“You really have to practice ways to connect with people. The relationships I value most are the ones where we’re exchanging ideas. Where I’m learning from the other person and teaching them things.

I want to leave a hangout feeling inspired to create something new. And with social media interactions it’s just not that same level of real communication.

It’s not a dialogue, it’s like this one-way screamfest where you’re trying to get heard above all the noise and you know that most people aren’t interested and they’re just scrolling down.

Social media interactions don’t inspire me to get up and go out and create. It’s so passive, you just wait for someone else to create and share something and then you passively consume it.

So for me, I seek out relationships that add richness to my life in the real world where I can sit across from someone and share ideas. It’s important to make time for these people who bring value and who you can share with.

These face-to-face real world relationships are what keep me feeling energized and connected.”

We love Stacy and you can follow her adventures @stacykeck for a daily dose of California daydream style images marked with little drops of wisdom to keep your mind and heart open to the magic that happens everyday all around us.

Also, if you want to meet Stacy or check out her work in person, head over to @adutchlife in San Diego on Friday, Oct 28.

They’re hosting a photography show featuring her images from 5-9pm.



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