With My Words I Create

By January 5, 2016 No Comments

Kwan Yin
Kwan Yin by artist Phaedris

Our words are so powerful in starting chain reactions that start in our energetic field and manifest through the actions we end up taking (or not taking!)

One of the best ways to tap into a really powerful level of energetic vibration is to write out your own incantations. They’re similar in nature to prayers, but for me, these self-written incantations feel more potent because I’m calling on my own self-discipline and will to help bring to life the things I want to experience the most. (And the things I want to bring into experience for the people around me!)

Writing your own personal incantation will take maybe 20 minutes or so the first time you do it. But after you have it written, you can reap the benefits with less than 30 seconds of effort everyday.

Start by writing down three or four character traits, values and dreams that you’d like to call into your life.

Then, research which archetypes, gods, goddesses, saints or entities represent these traits. GodChecker is a great site for this.

Next, write out the names of the three or four people, spirits, figures or beings who embody the traits you identified alongside the two or three words that represent what they stand for.

So for example, you might write out:

Aphrodite, goddess of Love

Saint Francis, instrument of Peace
Kwan Yin, goddess of Compassion

Lastly, write the words… Please come and express yourself through me.

Please come and express yourself through me.

I like to keep a little piece of paper in my wallet or next to my bed so that I see it often and can say it to myself throughout the day.

And I take a few moments to really imagine what it would feel like to embody these entities. This part helps us to become more conscious of our energy and what we’re projecting out into the world (and in turn, what we receive back.)

Envisioning these figures help us when we go out into the world and we have this reminder in our energetic body and it’s easier to project those traits that I deem to be of value, the traits I want to see in my life, in myself, and ultimately what I want reflected back to me.