2 Minutes, 3 Tricks and Back to 6 Senses

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So I just finished hosting my first live stream event and I want to tell you guys about the three tricks I’ve figured out that only take about two minutes each and totally help bring me back in touch with my six senses.

2 Minutes, 3 Tricks and Back to 6 Senses

The problem that I find myself having pretty often is that I feel disconnected from my physical senses and out of touch with my energetic body. This is a big issue because without practice, it’s easy to misidentify emotions and inaccurately label energetic cues that are coming into our bodies from the outside world.

We all spend so much time (like pretty much every waking hour) staring at our phone and computer screens that we end up living our lives–experiencing our lives–through 2D screens.

And this habit is absolutely atrophying our energetic fields and our sensual reception points (our chakras).

Which is why we have to find a way to balance living in reality (and the fact that screens aren’t going anywhere) with finding a way to come back into our sensual, energetic bodies.

Now when I say “sensual” I’m not referring only to a feeling related to sexuality or seductiveness. What I’m talking about is our five physical sense and third eye perception (sixth sense) and how we can stay tapped into a physical experience of our energetic world when we’re all so screen-bound.

So here goes. These are the three little tricks I’ve learned that help me reconnect with my sensuality.

Rocks, Magic Spells & Chakra Breathing

Pressing Rocks
Jump to a couple of hours ago and I’m out on a walk when I make a little detour to go inside a greenhouse that’s on the property I’m living at right now. While admiring the succulents and plants, I found a bucket of really pretty rocks. As I sifted through the collection, my fingers landed on a smooth stone that felt really energetically vibrant in my hand and I started instinctively pressing it against my forehead and chest.

It felt so good and without thinking about it found myself turning the stone over every time I moved the rock to a new position to press it into my skin.

moksha destiny

photographer Mike Allen

It felt like flipping the stone over allowed whatever energy the rock had just absorbed to dissipate and I was able to use the stone’s surface (over and over) to soak up any stress and anxiety that was in my skin.

So trick #1 is simple… Go outside, find a rock that feels calming in your hand and press it up against your heart, throat or forehead while you breathe in. For me, I notice a definite dissolution of negative feeling energy in the spot the rock is pressed against.

Now onto trick #2

Magic Spells

It’s hard to believe in magic until you actually start experiencing it. And the only way to experience magic is by giving it a wholehearted try. So if you’re not someone who is open to experimenting with “out there” techniques, you might just want to skip ahead to the next section that talks about chakra breathing

If you are still reading–awesome. So one of the best ways to tap into a really powerful level of your true energetic nature is by writing your own magic spells. They’re almost like prayers, but for me, they feel more potent because I’m calling on my own self-discipline and will to help bring to life the things I want to experience the most.

Now this trick takes more than 2 minutes the first time you set out to do it. But after you do the work for the first time, you can do your magic spell in less than 30 seconds everyday.

  1. Identify three to four character traits, values and dreams that you’d like to call into your life.
  2. Research which archetypes, gods, goddesses, saints or entities represent these traits. GodChecker is a great site for this.
  3. Write out the names of the three or four people, spirits, figures or beings who embody these traits alongside the two or three words that represent what they stand for.

Lastly, write the words… Please come and express yourself through me.

So for example, you might write out:

Aphrodite, goddess of Love
Saint Francis, instrument of Peace
Kwan Yin, goddess of Compassion
Please come and express yourself through me.

I like to write my magic spell every night in my journal while I recite it out loud. And I take a few moments to really imagine what it would feel like to be in the shoes, so to speak, of these entities. It really helps me to become more conscious of my energy and what I’m projecting out into the world (and in turn, receiving back.)

Chakra Breathing

This trick is definitely the most accessible and the easiest of the three tricks presented here. You don’t need to go outside to find anything or have a pen and paper handy. All you need is a disciplined mind and 1-2 minutes where you can close your eyes.

First, you need to identify where the seven chakras in your body reside. Then, you mindfully begin breathing through each point in a fluid loop, up and down your body.

moksha destiny

art for Moksha Destiny by @heymikacali

If you’re unfamiliar with chakras (or new to them), here’s the breakdown:

1st chakra — Root Chakra, or Muladhara — base of the spine

2nd chakra — Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana — pelvic basin

3rd chakra — Solar Plexus Chakra, or Manipura — above the navel

4th chakra — Heart Chakra, or Anahata — at the heart center

5th chakra — Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha — the throat area

6th chakra — Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna — the spot on your forehead just above the mid point between your eyebrows

7th chakra — Crown Chakra, or Sahaswara — the place in the air above the crown of your head

For me, just taking a minute or two to close my eyes and breathe through these seven points is enough to really relax my body and mind enough to feel into my energetic body and get re-tapped into my senses, and hence, the sensuality available to me in my life.

That’s all I have for you. There’s nothing earth shattering here, but for me these three little tricks work wonders and I hope they can help you too. Especially the magic spells!

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