In his book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence, Deepak Chopra discusses the three levels of existence: physical, quantum and nonlocal.

The physical domain is the visible universe, or what we usually refer to as “the real world.” Things in this realm are impermanent and have a beginning, middle and end. Everything in this domain is ruled by the laws of cause and effect and can be perceived by our five senses.

In the quantum domain, everything consists of information and energy. Our thoughts and ideas are part of this realm. The quantum domain is a precursor to the physical domain, in that our physical world of objects and matter is made up of “nothing but information contained in energy vibrating at different frequencies.”

The nonlocal domain represents the third level of existence and is the place where the information and energy of the quantum domain originate.  This nonlocal realm is literally “without location” and consists of the intelligence and consciousness that organizes the “energy soup” of the quantum domain.

By understanding the interrelatedness of these three realms we can come into knowlege of the true nature of reality. This understanding provides us with the ability to recognize and utilize the synchronicity inherent in nonlocal domain to our (and the universe’s) highest advantage.

This is because “everything would exist only as undefined, potential packets of energy, or pure potential” without consciousness and/or observation.

So why should we care to understand these levels of consciousness and how they operate?

Because the understanding of how we fit into this matrix of consciousness allows us the ability to click into universal pattern; the pattern by which natural momentum propels us in the form and direction for the path that is of the least resistance and most desirable for all involved entities.

This is why paying attention to coincidences is so important.

Coincidences provide one of the easiest ways to identify connections within the universal pattern (nonlocal domain). And by identifying connections within a pattern, we gain vision into a “behind the scenes” view of how the universe is operating.

Metaphysicist Larry Dossey, M.D. defines nonlocal events as those events that are correlated in a way that is unmediated, unmitigated and immediate.

unmediated — events must be “acausally interrelated where one event doesn’t cause another, but the behavior of one thing is immediately coordinated with the other.”

unmitigated — the strength of the correlation between events must remain “undiminished with distance in time and space.”

immediate — nonlocal events do not require any travel time. “Correlations between events that occur in the nonlocal level occur instantly, without cause, and without any weakening over time or distance.”

Now, of course, not all coincidences will be of great value. But the events that happen in our lives that simply seem too non-probabilistic to have happened without purpose–these, I believe, should serve as guideposts for how we proceed.

Because if you adhere to the theory of these three levels of existence (the proof for which is laid out heavily, in my opinion), then coincidences can be likened to the effect lightning bugs have on a dark night sky in the Midwest.

Flicks of light appear (seemingly randomly) to illuminate tiny areas of a large, dark area. The lights appear only for a split moment and if you want to use the bugs’ momentary fluorescence to your seeing eyes’ advantage, it requires your mind’s sharp attention to lock in when a spark appears.

To take this analogy to a step that’s a bit beyond what my experience of lightning bugs has actually been, you could imagine trying to navigate a dark forest, and without other means to guide your way, decide to focus on the sparks of light in order to “see” the next logical step along the path.

Such is the idea behind becoming more aware of the laws and patterns that govern our consciousness. The more we come into understanding of the universal layout and its defining mechanisms, the more easily we can surrender into the natural state.

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  • jurnul says:

    Hi Aubrey!
    I read your post. Thanks for posting here. I’m following your blog.

    Wonderful stuff, what always keeps me curious and in a state of wonder about life. What people have been able to intuit about the underlying reality is always there for us to experience as a sort of guidance system for steering our understanding and destiny.