Loving my friend Stacy Guglielmi’s Friday night chakra dance classes here in Santa Monica. Off the chain playlists, free form dancing and blissed out meditation to wind it down. The energy that comes up and out is wild.

tangible. sexual. sad. agitated. out of rhythm. body takeover. ecstatic.


Last night was my fourth class and I’m hooked. Can’t recommend enough for everyone. It moves energy in such a healthy way and I straight glow for the rest of the night.

moksha destinyMissing the vibe from last night and what should the Universe help me stumble upon? but a podcast by my fave jyotish advisor Swati Jr. in which she guided us through some dharma awakening exercises.. one being to color and draw the full awakening of our dharma, and the other, of course, to dance to the drawing. In just a minute or two after coloring and drawing, my body was dancing ecstatically all on its own.

Gotta say. I’ve always known I LOVE dancing, but have always experienced it as something you do when you go “out.” Mingle with the people. Energy focused outward.

But this kind of dancing is about focusing inward

The energy starts welling up internally, buzzing through your body and for me, after a bit of time, I can start to feel the energy moving externally into the space around me. It happens every time.

This flavor of dance is called a lot of different things — chakra, ecstatic, free form, shakti, 5Rhythms dancing — but for me it all wrings out to be the same thing: an incredible gift every single one of us has access to. From the 5Rhythms site…

Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that — energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.