my artist’s prayer

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Two months ago, while in the midst of what felt like unbearable pain, I wrote this prayer. A calling out to the Universe. My body and mind required reprieve and the words arrived nearly instantly as my pen began gliding to articulate my needs. 

This prayer was born in just a moment, without preconception, a slowing of the pen, or the desire to go back and edit. This is not to say it’s prose perfect or all-encompassing, just that the intentions came to me as flow.

I’m sharing with the hope that it might inspire your own “calling out” — a source of relief in those early morning and dead-of-night moments when we sometimes need it most.

moksha destiny

Dear Universal Source Energy,

Please help me to surrender into patience for your plan. Remind me to practice gratitude and let go of worry and dreams from the past. Allow me the humility to forgive and release old stories and past pains.

Give me the courage to make bold choices and the wisdom to know when it’s best to stay still. I pray for tears when I need them and laughter when I need that too. I trust that you’re sending my people to me in perfect timing. As I need them, they arrive to care for me.

Show me the path to receiving. Allow me the awareness to accept. And refrain from giving when I need healing myself. I commit to my breath and trust that you will use my breath to steady my mind.

Help me to feel and understand my true self, below the layers. I commit to waking and eating and writing in faith to your divine plan of goodness for me.

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