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letting go feels like the answer for everything

By October 30, 2013 No Comments

Just relax. Let it go. Don’t worry about it.

I’ve heard and read the advice a thousand times over, but it never made sense to me before. I knew what the words meant, but I didn’t actually get it because I couldn’t feel it.

Things are different for me now though and it’s in large part due to yoga and meditation. Yoga provided me with a quieter mind, which led to a curiosity about the infinite space that was revealed to me in the new silence of my mind. That new silence then grew naturally into a daily meditation practice.

Letting go of expectations around and my attachment to outcomes in relation to things, people and relationships is something I’m learning how to live. I’m not saying it’s always easy, or that it happens instantly, but sometimes it is and it does.

What I’m saying is that now I understand why it makes sense to let go and I feel confident in being able to do so when it is what will serve me best.

As I become more aware of and accustomed to the following three understandings, letting go becomes easier and even preferable in most situations:

I have everything I need and can access it at will by simply closing my eyes, returning to breath and turning inward to watch emotions and feelings as they flow through me.

Everything is temporary.

Connections and relationships don’t end or stop existing because of time or distance. This is because time and distance are simply illusions.

The days I feel the happiest are the days when I’m able to relax into the flow and remain present with my breath in each moment.


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