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Sex, Intimacy and Communication on the Buddhist Path – part 2

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What does it feel like to sit in silence and take note of the sensations coming up throughout your body?

This is the question we started our discussion off with this week in our class on sex, intimacy and communication, led by JoAnna Harper at Against the Stream.

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Taking Note

artist Ezgi Kaya

artist Ezgi Kaya

I discovered this past week that when I take the focus off of my breath and turn attention to the different parts of my body, I’m often surprised to discover a sort of numbness.

There are whole sections of my body where the sensation feels dull, or the area is almost numb.

It’s also surprising to realize that it often takes me quite a few moments to be able to tap into a feeling of sensation at all.

It’s as if I’ve paid so little attention to the cues coming in from my physical body for so long that I have to concentrate with effort in order to call back the feeling in some parts.

Logic Only Gets You So Far

For so long I’ve been logical and serious and head-y. I ignored feelings in my body, writing them off as ridiculous emotions that could (and should) be justified and rationalized away.

Sitting in this practice and taking the time to allow my brain to register the feelings coming in from my body is a big part of how I’m learning to re-establish a connection between my mind and body.

Connection and Harm

As the discussion unfolded on this second meeting, our group began to think over how we all have the need to connect with others, but how that connection often ends with us harming ourselves or others (usually unintentionally.)

We spoke about whether sex without love even made sense anymore once you begin aligning your mind, body and spirit. We also covered topics related to expectations.

I’m really glad I decided to take this course. The discussions offer up so many new ways of considering my own choices as well as giving me a way to see that I’m not the only one who is searching for deeper meaning and understanding around the power of our sexuality.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to take time to explore these topics for themselves. It’s incredible how just a few minutes of sensation-based meditation can open up new areas for you to explore within your self. Maybe you’d like to take five or ten minutes and sit with eyes closed in silence to explore the sensations coming up in your body…


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