4 films for your next movie marathon

By October 26, 2013 2 Comments

I’ve been burning through Netflix’s selection of spirituality-based documentaries, as well as a few films on YouTube. Here are a couple that stood out to me…

I Am – Loved this one. Features well-known philosophers and spiritual leaders discussing our interconnected consciousness

DMT: The Spirit Molecule
– Was totally fascinated with this exploration into DMT and the power it has to expand consciousness.

With One Voice – Spiritual mystics, from a wide range of the world’s spiritual traditions, talk about how everything and everyone is interconnected. There is a lot of discussion around how religion can inadvertently misguide people and how the unifying thread throughout the universe is simply love. All spiritual paths eventually converge in the discovery that we are all one.

The Sacred Science – Wasn’t super thrilling, however! it was fascinating to see people be healed of serious illness in 30 days. Features a group of people who go down to the Amazon to have their diseases and cancer healed by medicine men in the jungle. Healing includes Ayahuasca shamanistic therapy as well.

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