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air sign lucid dreaming

By September 23, 2013 2 Comments

Tilting my head back, I raised my eyes to meet the stars and felt the entire night sky whoosh past me in one fluid, super-fast motion.

I had been listening to an audio guide that helps activate lucid dreaming experiences when I became part of the night sky and was flying faster than I can even describe. The closest thing would be to compare it to watching a movie in a 3-D IMAX theatre.

The rushing feeling happened so quickly, in a split second, and then it was gone. But it felt awesome. Blissful.

Unfortunately, I jerked awake almost immediately from the intensity of the feeling.

I’m hoping that as I practice lucid dreaming more, I’ll become accustomed to the full tilt of the experience and be able to stay in it without waking myself up.

About twenty minutes later I was able to fall under again and this time as I looked up and to the left I saw a flock of birds in my peripheral vision and almost as soon as I noticed them I felt the sensation of being swept up and I was flying.



I was one of the birds. I feel like I know exactly what a bird feels like when it flies. The sensation was so real.

Again, this only lasted maybe a split second before I startled awake again.

I was trying to explain the feeling to a friend tonight and she said, “All that flying around, you must be an air sign.”

And I am. I’m an Aquarius 🙂

Have you ever had a lucid dream? One where you’re in the dream, but you know you’re dreaming and you can control what happens?

Tell your story in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experience.


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  • peeaach says:

    I had exactly the same wooshing feeling!!
    I heard writing your dreams down is meant to promote lucid dreaming so after a few weeks of a dream diary I started to remember more vividly. I also made a tell which is something you do through out the day and if you do it enough it can trigger in your dream to help you realize your dreaming. Mine is to poke something solid and see if it feels real. So i had a dream I was in a big toy shop riding round on a go cart smashing into things. But then a security guard comes and starts telling me off. (Not aware im dreaming at this point.) Then I decide to poke his face to see if he’s real. To my surprise his whole body ripples away like water from my touch! And in that split second I realize Im dreaming then woosh, Im awake! Its the closest Ive got too! What audio did you listen to? Would like to give it a try. Also recommend the dream diary and acting out a tell 🙂

    • Moksha Destiny says:

      That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing. The whooshing feeling is seriously incredible. This is the audio I listen to:

      I’m exploring more options because I don’t quite connect with the guy’s voice, but it’s what I use for now.

      I started a dream diary yesterday, but will definitely try acting out a tell. Thanks for the tip and thanks for always being so supportive of my writing 🙂