Studio Dakini: The Yoga Source — Nashville, TN

By September 3, 2013 No Comments

I had the opportunity to practice at this studio because of my amazing sisters, Gwyn and Corrie. We were in Nashville, Tennessee, to celebrate Gwyn’s bachelorette party and Corrie booked our group for a private lesson with Taunia at Studio Dakini: The Yoga Source in the 12 South neighborhood.

The energy at this place was so cozy to me. I felt like I was snuggled down in a blanket on the couch watching TV on a sunday morning. It was awesome.

We had a few first timers in our group so I wasn’t sure how the class would end up going, but Taunia was incredible and moved us through a practice that offered challenge if you sought that and was still not intimidating or impossible for the newbies.

Towards the end of class she had us partner up and sit back to back with another girl. I sat against my sister Corrie and we interlocked arms, resting the back of our heads together.

Then, we traded turns leaning back onto one another’s backs and letting our full weight go. So I supported Corrie as she went into a chest-opening back bend, and then she supported me. It felt really wonderful to be that close and lost in a moment with my sister.

I’ve gotta say though, the part of the whole experience that moved me the most was at the end when we were asked to bring our hands to heart center and close class with an intention. As we bowed our heads down to meet the tops of our fingers, Taunia said

Let’s take a moment here to wrap Gwynavere in our love.

She said the words with such sincerity and thoughtfulness and my heart welled up with love for my baby sister. I walked out of the class with tears in my eyes.

I would definitely recommend this yoga studio to anyone who is looking for a clean, calm, low-key, friendly place to practice in Nashville.