meditation challenge: day 15

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Today felt like I hit a mini tipping point with practicing mindfulness. When my mind began to tell stories, re-play past scenes, or dream up future scenarios, I noticed almost right away and guided myself back in the direction of breathing deeply into my core and checking in with how my body felt.

The act of re-directing even felt unconscious a few times which was a rewarding feeling because it tells me that I’m starting to form new habits that will eventually get me to the point of being able to remain mindful with less effort.

Sage Cattabriga-alosa

Sage Cattabriga-alosa

Right now it’s a full-time job to stay in my body and keep my mind clear because these tasks require constant attention. But today showed me that if I keep at it, eventually this work will require less of my active participation – it’ll become more of a second nature.

Before meditation today, Deepak spoke about how the world is our mirror and it reminded me of a line I wrote while going through my last breakup. Something to the effect of thanking him for standing bravely in front of me as a mirror to show me the sides of me I couldn’t see clearly.

I thought a lot this morning about how, if I pay attention and take the time to notice, the people that are a part of my life are always teaching me something new about who I am.

This weekend especially I took extra care to try and listen more deeply with my whole being. Conversations and relationships literally change instantly when I do this. Like, there is no delay – they change immediately, in that moment.

This type of listening and conversation also naturally moves me into a state of being more empathetic, which leads me to asking more questions, passing virtually no judgment, and appreciating who they are 100 times more than I can ever recall doing before.

I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.

– Rumi

Taking the time to listen deeply also involved me staying present to the way I felt during moments of shared silence between me and another person. In the past, after sharing silence with someone, I would have likely questioned their experience by wondering or asking aloud if they had experienced similar feelings or thoughts.

This weekend though, for the first time, I trusted in what I felt because I was present in my body and totally aware of the energy. It didn’t even occur to me (not even once) to question what I knew to be true after the silence.

It became so obvious that there is no separation between me and another person when both of us truly quiet down our minds, let down our physical force fields and just be.

This happened with two people this weekend and it was incredible. We all make up part of the same unified energy field. When I have the feeling of being a separate entity from the people around me it is simply a result of me not being in tune with my body.

Because when I am in tune — quiet mind, calm body, attentive to the “now” — I can very clearly feel that flow of energy between everything and everyone around me. It almost becomes something I can visualize with my eyes.

† My relationships grow deeper and more satisfying when I remain conscious of the fact that when I look at someone else, I am looking at an extension of myself.

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