meditation challenge: days 13 & 14

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I didn’t spend much time at home this weekend, but still found time to practice my meditations every day. The time I spent reflecting helped me to stay present throughout a busy weekend where I could have easily gone into auto pilot and lost track of practicing mindfulness.

As I walked into a restaurant where I was meeting a friend for a glass of wine to celebrate her birthday, I set the intention of remaining really connected to our conversation.



While we sat for an hour or so catching up on the past few months, I listened with my ears, mind and heart while she spoke.

I put my phone away and didn’t allow myself to become distracted by anything going on around us in the busy restaurant.

I was so tuned in to her and our time together that I actually felt tears come to my eyes as she shared an emotional story regarding her daughter.

The tears definitely caught me off guard, but also showed me very clearly that I was present in the moment with her and sharing an experience.

It felt really good to listen to my friend so deeply and not just hear what she was saying, but also share in her experiences as well.

The weekend held a few moments where I felt anxiety in certain social settings, but by focusing on my breath I was able to maintain a more objective perspective and keep my mind clear of unhelpful internal dialogue.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
– Ram Dass

I was able to articulate my feelings in a way that lets me know I’m definitely making progress on figuring out how to listen to my gut and say the things I’d like to express.

This was also a weekend for practicing the acceptance of other people’s feelings, even if I don’t agree or understand them completely. I felt like I became a better listener this weekend, and it felt really healthy to be able to separate the emotions I’m feeling from what other people might be feeling.

It’s not always easy to accept what a friend says or does, but when I truly listen to the people I care about it becomes so much easier to navigate the situation with empathy.

† When I practice keeping my mind and body present in what’s happening moment to moment, I feel the people I interact with become more present too.

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