meditation challenge: day 8

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Yesterday I chose love and I’m so glad I did. I had plans to meet up with a friend and she made a few choices that ended up derailing our original idea of how the day would play out. In addition, she was running late which created a few hours of gap time in my day.

I felt angry and frustrated when she first told me the situation. In fact, I almost cancelled us getting together at all. I felt disrespected and annoyed with her behavior.

Then I decided to meditate. Afterwards, I took the extra hours I had now been given and went to the roof of my building to take in the phenomenal view and lounge in the warm sun and perfect breeze. I spent the next hour reading more from Meditation and practicing mindfulness to stay present in each moment I was experiencing.

Marcelo Romero

Marcelo Romero

After just a few minutes, I was no longer angry or frustrated, but was happy and grateful.

The air was peaceful on the roof and I realized that my friend had given me a huge opportunity. I now had an amazing chance to practice love and mindfulness.

When she finally arrived, I looked right at her and gave her a huge hug. I felt so happy to see my friend and told her so.

She apologized again and I told her that although I had been frustrated earlier that it really didn’t matter. I was just excited to get to spend time with her. And that was true.

We had an amazing afternoon lounging in the sun on the patio of a beautiful garden cafe where we traded stories about our dreams, memories as children, and families. We laughed over funny pictures and recent antics by friends and just enjoyed one another’s company.

I kept myself grounded in each moment of the afternoon by bringing focus back to my breath and into how my body felt. And later, we returned to my building and laid on the rooftop to watch the sun go down over the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.

It’s scary to think that I could have been the one to ruin this day. I could have tried to punish her for changing our plans, or I could have harbored frustration and not been able to sit in the moments with her and really appreciate how amazing of a friend she is.

But I didn’t do this because I realize now that other people are just doing the best they can and their actions really never have anything to do with me. It’s not personal. It’s just them living their life the best way they can at that moment.

† Love is a state of being.

Having plans is fine, but when plans don’t unroll in the way I first imagined they might, that’s okay too. By staying present and in tune with what I’m feeling moment to moment, I am more than equipped for making the choices that will be right for me.

And the choice that was right for me yesterday was to see my friend as ME — someone who tries their best, sometimes gets things wrong, and loves the people in her life with deep conviction. I’ve certainly been the one to disappoint or muck up plans, and I’m pretty sure I never meant to do it on purpose and I probably felt crappy about it.

I learned that I can really affect a large amount of control over my interactions with the world and other people by just being love – Being open to love and embodying love.

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