meditation challenge: day 7

By August 11, 2013 No Comments

Today, it felt like I hit a kind of plateau. I didn’t really feel inspired or excited to meditate, but I ended up being able to move past it and just stick with the plan.

Because of the things I experienced in my dreams, I woke up feeling not so great and then on top of that I also didn’t get super tapped in to this morning’s meditation because it felt like I wasn’t getting quality breaths in. My breathing felt shallow and tense.

Holly Sharpe

Holly Sharpe

That being said, I kept bringing myself back to my breath and didn’t give up on returning to mindfulness throughout the tough parts of today.

It was not easy to keep present in my body and stay out of my mind, especially in the first half of the day.

But I kept with it and as the afternoon settled in I feel like I was really present in each moment.

† I don’t take other people’s behavior personally. Their actions and words are a reflection of their reality and not based on me.

Basically, I went from feeling not so great to having a pretty awesome day, and it really had to do all with how I chose to frame things and move through my emotions. I really feel like my perseverance paid off today 🙂

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